The workshop papers are invited to consider topics of large collocated events where technology is used to support audience participation, or simple, hybrid events, through empirical or experimental case studies, design research or literature reviews and other theoretical approaches. Topics of the workshop include but are not limited to

  • How should we research and understand hybrid events?
    •  How do we study multichannel events where interaction takes place across channels?
    • What kind of analytic orientations can be successfully applied to understand participant interactions?
  • How we evaluate the success of events?
    • How can we support the creation of hybrid events?
    • How do we generate an understanding of the practices to be supported with hybrid interaction technology?
    • How do we design “the right system(s)” to support hybrid interaction appropriately
  • What kind of technologies (e.g., input modalities and systems) can be used to address these topics?
    • How can novel technologies like machine learning, autonomous agents, voice interfaces, and the Internet of Things help in the creation of hybrid events?
    • How do the emerging practices inform the design of these systems?
    • What kind of novel roles emerge in the hybrid events?
    • How do people organize and manage the complexities of hybrid events?
    •  What challenges and benefits hybrid events have for participants?

Each participant writes a short position paper outlining their work on this topic. We would suggest that each paper makes a contribution to at least two problem types within HCI (see Oulasvirta & Hornbæk, 2016):

  • empirical problems
  • conceptual problems
  • constructive problems

Submitting the position paper

The position paper should be a maximum of 4000 words long (shorter position papers are OK as well). We do not have a template you must use, rather make the position paper clear to read.

Submit the position paper through Google Forms by September 5th (to get a decision by the CSCW early bird registration deadline, September 10th) or by October 10th (to get a decision by the advance registration deadline, October 25th).

If you hit any problems or have any questions, you can contact us: